Challenging cancer: multiple disciplinary and cross-continent collaborations
Date Place Hosts
8:15 am~12:30 am
June 21st Saturday 2014
Conference Room 236, Block M, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China Liyu Liu (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) Robert H. Austin (Princeton University)
Cancer is a complicated disease that evolves in both time and space has brought massive threat to human lives and the situation is still going on. Current thinking and treatment of research, if only stays in traditional biological framework, may continue remaining desperate and in failure to resist this disease. Currently the war on cancer needs multiple disciplined researchers work together and those potential talents from the fields of biology, oncology, physics, clinics, math etc., have to jump off their own framework. Definitely these people should join together, think deeply and start smart researches for more effective approaches on cancer prevention and treatment. Moreover the justice league in academics is far enough and gig ideas and big research also needs strong support. Hence the voices have to be heard simultaneously by governments, funding agencies and policies to guarantee we acquire best resources for this fierce war.