US-China Physical-Sciences Oncology Alliance
The U.S.-China Physical Sciences-Oncology Alliances (PS-OA) is the first international alliance to focus on research at the intersection of the physical sciences and cancer biology for the expressed purpose of increasing our fundamental understanding of cancer as a basis for early detection, more effective therapy and ultimately prevention. The mission is to bring a diverse group of experts in cancer research to discuss promising aspects of future research and potential international collaborations. The goal is not limited to specific research, but to encourage a longer and broader vision to rethink cancer on its precaution, origin, evolution and novel treatment. Early research emphasis areas for the U.S.-China PSOA will include cancer evolution/evolutionary cancer medicine, computational models of cancer and selected areas of cancer genome research.

Robert H.Austin


Pinceton Physical

Science-Oncology Center

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Deputy Director

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Liyu Liu, PhD.

Excutive Director

Institute of Physics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Anna Barker,PhD.

Arizona State University

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Susan M.Rosenberg,PhD.

Baylor College of Medicine

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